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Listen to "Lily," a Frisson-Filled New Song from Rudi Zygadlo

photographer ROMAN SKYVA


There's a figure in the hallway / With an invitation / Saying you can have it your way, sings Scottish singer/producer Rudi Zygadlo in a gentle, yearning tone on his new song "Lily," one of a series of singles he's self-releasing ahead of a new album next year. One of Zygadlo's strengths is his ability to send multiple melodies winding through a song, never allowing one to be subsumed by the other nor take the lead. There's something deeply sensual about that melodic dance, and it's never felt stronger than on "Lily." Frisson-fueled atoms fly as he sings the song's central refrain over and over, And the heat of it all / And the heat of it all.

Listen to "Lily," a Frisson-Filled New Song from Rudi Zygadlo