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Watch DJ Slimzee and MC God's Gift Go Ham on Just Jam


I didn't grow up in London so I missed out on grime first time around. Sure, I knew Dizzee and Boy In Da Corner but I wasn't hanging out at grime nights or listening to pirate stations at the turn of the millennium. Instead I was caught up in the house music scene up north. It was much later when I was living in London that grime bit me. I finally saw DJ Slimzee—a key member of Wiley's Pay As U Go crew and the guy he credits on song for finding him—behind the decks at the beginning of 2013 and it was as close to a religious experience as I'm ever going to get. The chops were so sharp and the music was so loud it was practically exfoliating. On this new episode of London's Just Jam web series filmed at the end of last year, Slimzee does what he does best with fellow Pay As U Go-er God’s Gift on the mic. All growling bass, snarling kicks and laser-like melodies, there's plenty to get your teeth into here.

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Watch DJ Slimzee and MC God's Gift Go Ham on Just Jam