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Listen to TOPS' Heavy-Eyed B-Side, "Sleeptalker"

A few weeks ago, Montreal's TOPS gave news of a new 7-inch and shared a fun video for "Change of Heart." The single's drowsy B-side (premiered this morning on Stereogum) might be even be sweeter, or maybe I just have a soft spot for ethereally-sung songs about lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. "'Sleeptalker' is a deeply personal song for me," vocalist Jane Penny wrote on TOPS' Facebook of the track. "I wrote it at a time when I felt trapped by music. The song is about dark thoughts and the things people do to get through the night." You can pre-order the single through Arbutus Records.

Stream TOPS, "Sleeptalker"

Listen to TOPS' Heavy-Eyed B-Side, "Sleeptalker"