Download MellowHype’s Hyperreal New Album “I Need Some Answers”

MellowHype celebrated the 4th of July with a crop of new raps on I Need Some Answers. A shy away from the more extreme, animated imagery that dominates Odd Future’s output, INSA finds Hodgy Beats embracing the real: from paying bills for family members to his formative years in Trenton, New Jersey. Some moody purple-tinted samples and a rich cameo from OF fam Syd Tha Kid on “The Daze” help smooth out Hodgy’s rasp flow, but hilarious blunt bars still abound: J so fat its bout to fall apart / shipping coasts I hit the smoke before my flight departs / TSA smell me secondhanded like a fart, Hodgy spits on “DUNITA.” Download in full via Odd Future here, and watch the duo blast around the desert on ATV’s in their latest video for “Nowadays.”

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