Kilo Kish Drops “Begin Route” Video, Announces Capsule Collection for Kitsuné

We’ve been itching for Kilo Kish’s Across to drop for almost a week now, ever since we stumbled upon the lush, enigmatic Instagram account teasing the EP. Today Kish released Across on iTunes and it’s a homegrown-pop roadtrip, sweet but aching and almost twangy. There’s plenty of 21st century vibes on the EP, but Kish is strongest when she sounds like she’s singing longingly for another era, murmuring I won’t stop for strangers at the end of “Thoughts of Love and Work,” or sounding like a Pink Lady who’s tired of pretending she’s tough on “Wrong.”

The video for “Begin Route” aligns neatly with the rest of Across’s dreamy nostalgia. Shot half in low contrast black and white and half in bleached out color, the video emphasizes the lines between past and present, roaming and home, love and loneliness. Kish, meanwhile, sleepily drawls over a languid beat. Kitsuné, who has included Kish on two past compilations and named her their FW 14 ambassador, will put the EP out on vinyl August 25th, and follow up with a travel-themed capsule collaboration with the singer in September.

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