GFOTY Battles Indecision on “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It”

GFOTY cover

Over the past couple of years, GFOTY (short for Girlfriend of the Year) has been chunking out warped and weird hyper-real pop music for the burgeoning PC Music label. Today, the mysterious producer issued another unsettling missive to her Soundcloud page in the form of the fractured “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It.” Centering on two contradictory samples that echo the title of the track, GFOTY builds a manic haze of synth skronks and indecision. The track sputters to a close just shy of the two minute-mark, but before it gets there it manages to evoke a whole lot of anxious uncertainty in its brief runtime. If nothing else it serves to underscore the producer’s comments in a recent email interview with the Fader that GFOTY’s music isn’t “cute.”

Stream: GFOTY, “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It”

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