What If The Streets Made J-Pop? Hear bo en & COR!S’ “I’ll Fall”

The London producer’s style is so nuanced and skewed, you can’t but help but run it back a dozen times just to see what the hell is going on.

July 10, 2014


bo en, when I've played his music for people, usually gives rise to a reaction like this: "WTF… No… OMG… Yasssssssssssssssss." His style can be a bit jarring, but it's so nuanced and skewed that you can't help but wind it back a dozen times, just to catch all the blips and xylophone backflips. It reminds me of what The Streets did with rave and rap, or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with her sickly sweet interpretation of J-Pop—and then both of them combined.

Today, he's kind of a "producer's producer"—he toured Tokyo with Meishi Smile in the Zoom Lens head's recent FADER tour diary, has popped up Ryan Hemsworth mixes and earned the distinction, according to Jerome LOL, of being "the most impressive songwriter / producer around right now"—but songs like "Miss You" and today's "I'll Fall" could easily make a bigger move into public consciousness. "I'll Fall" features the also-slept-on Osaka vocalist and producer COR!S, and features on the essential Pale Machine (Expansion Pack) album, available for preorder in an adorable CD, complete with handmade felt cases and a fold-out poster. Check out packaging below, preorder now, and play back the sweet track till you feel like you're burping up jellybeans.

Stream: bo en f. COR!S, "I'll Fall"

What If The Streets Made J-Pop? Hear bo en & COR!S’ “I’ll Fall”