Watch a Muppet Go about His Day to a New Song from Gobby


When you’re a kid, the whole of existence seems to be divided into two states: watching Sesame Street and waiting for Sesame Street to come on. I’m pretty sure that everything I know about dealing with emotions, eating cookies and counting comes from that cast of goggly-eyed muppets. But what do they do on downtime? New York experimental musician Gobby and artist Nicholas Buffon have taken a stab at answering that question in the video to the new ambient-ish song “Lil Pizza Face ft. Lil Big Tymer,” which follows our puppet protagonist from morning glory to rooftop rave. It’s the third in a series of video collaborations with Buffon—“Red Seal” features a devilish puppet and “Aantezeksyll” an assortment of creepy crawlies made of paper—that explore different animation techniques. You can see more of Gobby and Buffon’s work together at their gallery exhibit Pleh, which opens to the public this Sunday July 13th at Shoot The Lobster and runs until August 3rd. The “Lil Pizza Face” video also features additional production by Allegra Crowther.

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