Drop Roses across the Floor for Soulja Boy’s Romantic New Track


Soulja Boy has been having one hell of a year, rubbing shoulders with rap royalty and New Atlanta on some of the best cuts of 2014 so far, at the same time as debuting a slew of new tracks from his upcoming King Soulja 3 mixtape about getting rich and getting lean. No prizes for guessing which topic forms the basis of “Big Bank Rolls” – though lean has a big role to play, as Soulja’s flow gets even gooier than usual, stretched out and harmonised with syrupy auto-tune over a semi-religious piano backdrop. Lately the rapper’s been channeling the aggressive adrenaline of getting those big bank rolls, but this one’s out to his bae, with lines about dropping “roses all across the floor.”

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  1. Kenz says:

    He stole durk and future swag allllll the wayyyy

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