Puff Daddy Has a Message For You In Ab-Soul’s “Hunnid Stax”

“What? It ain’t no more to it. Soulo eating now. Tell ‘em Puff said so…” Puff Daddy (aka Diddy, aka the real real Puff Daddy) comments at the end of Ab-Soul‘s new “Hunnid Stax” video. The track, along with Ab’s new album These Days…, have been met with some curiosity: the TDE-spitter gained critical acclaim as one of the most potent pens in his camp with 2012′s Control System, with revolutionary cuts like “Terrorist Threats” and lump-in-your-throat introspection on “The Book of Soul.” But his new material has turned towards celebrations of money, weed, and women, much like the contemporary artists he initially seemed like a relief against. The verdict is still out: is this a sacrificial commentary on rap’s state “these days,” via the crucifixion theme on the album’s artwork, or is it as simple as Puff says? Regardless of the subtext behind this, Soulo, Q and Mac Miller look to be having a damn good time in this Adam Roberts-directed video. Maybe there ain’t no more to it after all.

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