Stream the Dreamy Title Track from Suno Deko’s Thrown Color EP

suno deko thrown shade

Yesterday, Atlanta songwriter Suno Deko—whose Thrown Color EP drops July 22nd—contributed to our What We’re Reading column, picking some new age-y texts and poetry books. Today, he’s unveiled a new song from that release. Like “Bluets” before it, the EP’s title track is the sort of expressive art-rock you’d expect out of a dude who reads Leaves of Grass in the backseat of his Prius while driving across America. With twinkly guitars, a synth fade in, and far off-sounding bells, “Thrown Color” approaches something resembling classic dream-pop, and the intermittent guitar shredding doesn’t feel so much like bravado or an affirmation of his technical skill; it feels more like a desire to bend this particular ethereal aesthetic as far as it can go without breaking.

Stream: Suno Deko, “Thrown Color”

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