Cam’ron & Nicki Minaj Co-Star in “So Bad”

“So Bad” fits in well with Cam’ron’s occasional dips into sweet-toothed samples and sappy bars, alongside “Weekend Girl,” “Soap Opera,” and, maybe, “Do Your Thing.” Of course the collab is the story here: Yummy Bingham’s hook is rich, and for all her self-empowered posturing, Nicki Minaj plays the girlfriend brilliantly. When accompanying male counterparts, the hits of detail in her verses only make things more believable: My nigga, you ain’t Rico, this ain’t Paid in Full, she ribs at Cam, recalling his biggest on-screen role with a casualness that suggests real intimacy. Unfortunately, the spell is broken by the somewhat silly green-screen FX throughout the video that become harder and harder to ignore–it’s a good thing Cam’ron’s First of the Month web series boasts slightly higher production quality. Can’t wait for Cousin Bang to speak on this.

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  1. broke idiot says:

    yup…video is soooooo baaaad

    its 2014 damn it

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