Los Angeles Police Department Announces Debut LP with “She Came Through (Again)”

los angeles police department


I think of the endearingly double-takey band name Los Angeles Police Department as, like, whatever good the actual LAPD does is contained in a single musician named Ryan Pollie. Hot new announcement: his debut album comes out September 5th, self-titled for maximum impact and a mouthful of syllables. “She Came Through (Again)” is the first track, recorded by Pollie in his bedroom and mastered by Warren Hildebrand. The title says it all. Sometimes you slip up, and in the best of sometimes you still squeeze by. I let her down/ I was wrong/ …But she came through again. Preorder the cassette from Chill Mega Chill and preorder the vinyl from Forged Artifiacts.

Stream: Los Angeles Police Dept, “She Came Through (Again)”

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