Watch a Fractured Duet between Tel Aviv’s Adi Ulmansky and Borgore


Was it, was it, was it, was it, was it, was it you? sings Tel Aviv singer/producer Adi Ulmansky with the sweetest hint of lisp on the hook of the trip-hop tinged single “Was It You?”, a duet with rapper/producer Borgore. How could you let go when I was hypnotized? wonders Ulmansky. I cling to what was good / Manipulate the history / Forgetting all the bad / Forgetting all the misery, counters Borgore. It’s a familiar story of the hazy vision that follows a break-up yet it’s delivered with urgency and honesty, and there’s some sweet graphic treatments in this video that get the fractured feeling across to a tee. Apparently Ulmansky’s recently been in the studio with London producer and Danny Brown collaborator Darq E Freaker, which should be interesting, plus if you’re lucky enough to be at Melt festival in Germany this weekend, you can catch her performing there.

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  1. Ethan says:

    I feel like a giddy school girl listening to Adi.

    Being not my usual style of music, this is such an amazing guilty pleasure…Especially this song. I am not gonna lie, it started with me just crushing on her and her voice but she has some serious talent that shows such raw emotion.

    It was unfortunate that when she was in the U.S. she wasn’t closer : /.

  2. Chimi says:


  3. Simple Simon says:

    garbage achotcha

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