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Download 1-Hour Photo, the Anti-Instagram App

Evidenced by every millennial parent ever, Instagram has become the go-to app for documenting life's memorable moments. The irony is that the time we spend picking the perfect photo and filter often distracts us from enjoying the experience we're trying to capture. 1-Hour Photo, an app developed by Nevercenter Labs, looks to fix this modern-day problem with a unique-yet-familiar concept. Like bringing a roll of film to the pharmacy, photos taken with the 1-Hour Photo app aren't viewable until 60 minutes later. On top of that, the app automatically adds a cleanly-saturated black and white filter. It's a simple way of enforcing social good habits; enjoy the moment while you're living in it and upload the photos to your social network of choice later on. Check out a photo taken with 1-Hour Photo of the view out outside our office below.

Chelsea NYC

Download 1-Hour Photo, the Anti-Instagram App