Listen to Tinashe and Dave Sitek’s Slinky, Sensuous “Xylaphone”

Courtesy of Dr Pepper, which now, as brands these days all seem wont to, hosts a cool-chasing “artist pairing series” called Dr Pepper Studio Sessions, comes a collaboration between Tinashe and Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio. The result of their day bunked up in the studio is “Xylaphone,” a slinky, sensuous track that is the stand-out on Sitek’s At Any Cost EP and a worthy holdover for while we wait on the “2 On” singer’s forthcoming debut album Aquarius.

Stream: David Andrew Sitek and Tinashe, “Xylaphone”

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  1. Lexi says:

    Hey Tinashe Fans! The Dr Pepper One of A Kind Studio Sessions created the pairing of mashup producer duo The Hood Internet and the soulful Tinashe which resulted in the one of a kind track, “One Step Over.” You can check out the track here:

    You can also check out her One of a Kind Video here:

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