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Radio Disney Remix Heaven: Download Lil Angel Boi's "Guilty"

Okayyyyyyyy… so… you might've heard of the 17-year-old pop singer Cody Simpson; he recently won the 2014 Kid's Choice Award (regional Australian edition) for Favorite Aussie Homegrown Act, and appeared on Dancing with the Stars. He has a younger sister named Alli Simpson, 16, with a budding pop career of her own. In her website's about section, she writes: "When I’m not working on my career, some of my hobbies include chilling, surfing, shopping, eating, exercising, smiling, going to the beach, listening to music, styling, dancing, singing and hanging with friends. Oh, and just making others smile!" She's got 1.35 million Twitter followers, sections of her YouTube channel devoted to health, beauty, and fitness tips, and most importantly, a semi-recent song—her third single—called "Guilty," which is quiiiiite good.

Enter Calgary's Lil Angel Boi. A producer affiliated with Ghibli's label Manicure Records, he's bootleg-remixed at least two of Alli's songs—"Why I'm Single" and in his most triumphant move to date, "Guilty." As Lil Angel Boi's name suggests, his style's like the holy trinity of cute: Radio Disney, PC Music and present-day Porter Robinson. His is a type of sweetness that doesn't go out of its way to sound sickly or grotesque, unlike some of the more cynical stuff in this vein, lately. Simpson's voice doesn't especially stand out on its own, so the Boi's pitched-up takes—even in the moments when they're simply pitched-up—make the mundane compelling. In some better, bizarro world, this would've been the song's original release. In mine, it's the only thing I'm listening to today.

Download: Alli Simpson, "Guilty (Lil Angel Boi Remix)"

Radio Disney Remix Heaven: Download Lil Angel Boi's "Guilty"