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Stream EDM Star Porter Robinson's New Album Worlds

EDM extraordinaire Porter Robinson’s debut album Worlds won’t officially come out until next Tuesday, but fans in North America who can’t wait to hear his dazzling soundscapes can preview the new record by streaming it on NPR First Listen today. With tracks such as the gorgeous-sounding “Sad Machine,” the majestic “Hear The Bells,” and the hypnotic “Flicker,” Worlds is the realization of the hype and promise surrounding the 22-year-old superstar DJ. In his recent FADER feature story, Robinson explains that the genesis of the album came two years ago from a track titled “Language.” “It was a departure for me from the material I had been doing, which was a very heavy, bass-aggressive sound," he told FADER's Duncan Cooper. "I remember being very nervous about how people would feel about something a bit more sensitive from me.” Clearly, Robinson is someone who knows what he wants to be: “I want my music to be really big. I have no interest in DIY Brooklyn; I don’t want to be a small indie band. Zero percent do I want to be a ‘future bass’ artist at all. I want to do this in front of a lot of people.” It appears he’s well on his way.

Stream EDM Star Porter Robinson's New Album Worlds