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Lil Boosie's Self-Reflective "Crazy" Marks His True Return

Since returning from jail this year, Baton Rogue rapper Lil Boosie has bounced around a few remixes while getting acclimated back into rap. His guest spots have kept his name up, but lacked the hyperreal emotional hook that made Lil Boosie such a widely respected figure within the southern rap community. "Crazy" hits that nerve, as Boosie speaks openly on the time he spent in jail and critics who deride his work: they say my music make the goons keep gooning, what about the government that don't give us no opportunity? Confrontation like this can appear contrived from some rappers, but Lil Boosie genuine fearlessness is what's made him beloved by so many.

Lil Boosie's Self-Reflective "Crazy" Marks His True Return