Meet the Designers Behind FKA Twigs' Sexy Gilded Garters

Meet the twin sisters behind her insane Webster Hall look

photographer Vanessa Kitzerow

Last night all of my friends went and saw FKA Twigs without me, and I’ll never forgive them. Hearing them talk about her concert involved snatches of philosophy and abstract themes—“withholding,” “denial,” “magic,” —and a lot of zonked out, dreamy facial expressions. Twigs is a peculiar goddess, and last night did nothing but amplify her power and solidify her presence. Looking at pictures of her from last night, I get it. Who wouldn’t catch feelings standing so close, watching her sing like a pixie while dressed like a modern day Barbarella? The voice may have been Twigs', but the Barbarella was all Finchittida Finch. Twigs' garters and necklace were crafted by Tida and Lisa Finch, Lao and British identical twins, who describe themselves as “your go to girls for gifts & sick jewels.” We’re inclined to agree. Twigs’ insane garters and neckwear are from their recent Empress collection, a selection of aggressively feminine body adornments and jewelry. Check the Empress collection here and revisit our cover story on the otherworldly

Meet the Designers Behind FKA Twigs' Sexy Gilded Garters