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Actress Accompanies Fizzy "Xoul Particles" With Visual Static

Earlier this week, we premiered the drugged-out, dystopian, neon-filtered video for “Attitude,” a track from London producer Moiré. Its stripped-down industrial electro sounded perfectly suited to the collective/record label Werkdiscs, co-founded by perennial shapeshifter and compatriot Darren Cunningham, better known as Actress. In July, Actress released a four-track EP called Xoul, following the January release of his bleak and brilliant full-length Ghettoville, and has just reemerged from the dark liminal space where he likely dwells with a Nic Hamilton-directed clip for “Xoul Particles,” a track that fizzes quietly like old champagne left uncorked in the fridge. Like its seven-minute audio counterpart, the video at times seems like a dazzling sliver of nature magnified, and otherwise like an infinite scrapyard of digital static. “Xoul Particles” is a micro-apocalypse in a tall-stem glass. Sip pensively.

Actress Accompanies Fizzy "Xoul Particles" With Visual Static