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Elle Clay Revives the Comedy Album in 306 LIVE

Despite hearkening back to past greats like Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney, comedy albums shouldn't be considered a thing of past. This week, Elle Clay, part-time culinary artisan and full-time funny gal, released her debut comedy album, 306 LIVE. Honing in on her quick wit and gift for superb shit-talking, Clay has already landed on stages at The Upright Citizen's Brigade and The People's Improv Theater. As a Southern transplant that's set roots in NYC, Clay reflects comically on this 41-minute set about the perils of growing up in the south, with an endearing tale of going head-to-head to with racism in kindergarten. Years later, puberty and adolescents finds the devout tomboy bemoaning her budding breasts. 306 LIVE, recorded DIY-style in her home studio, has cameos from salacious lady rapper Jungle Pussy and the multi-hypenate creative Vashtie Kola. Follow Clay on Twitter at @DrakePursedLips, for daily tidbits of her biting humor and stream the full mix tape below.

Stream: Elle Clay, 306 Live

Elle Clay Revives the Comedy Album in 306 LIVE