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Yo Gotti's Seen It All Before in "Errrbody"

After nearly two decades skating through rap game/trap game, Yo Gotti has seen it all. The cars, clothes, and hoes have fuzzed in focus. The come ups and put downs mean less than ever. And it's nearly impossible to hear, see, or do something new. In this way, Yo Gotti's "Errrbody" is particularly poignant, a sarcastic diatribe on just how spread out the in-crowd has become: Everybody need to be themselves, if everybody famous, ain't no regular people left, he smirks over icy synth and tightrope tense hi-hats. The video stretches this concept to a cartoonish extreme: a gaggle of suburban kids skipping through the streets play thug life dress up, before getting a taste of their own cough syrup toward the clips end.

Yo Gotti's Seen It All Before in "Errrbody"