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Arp Announces Pulsars e Quasars EP; Stream the Title Track


Last time we checked in on Arp, the solo project of New York's Alexis Georgopoulos, he was making the kind of tautly constructed vintage psych-pop that thrills with its labor-intensive exactness—one warming cello flourish and jazzy piano chord at a time. Now, he's back with the 7-track Pulsars e Quasars; it's his debut release for Mexican Summer, recorded this time around with the help of a full band, and the title refers to a bunch of extremely remote celestial objects. Almost appropriately, there's a new spontaneity and looseness to the title track, like he's decided to relax his grip on the controls a little and let his hummable melodic constructions shine through in a sequence of frayed edges, as opposed to sharp corners. Pulsars e Quasars is out September 22nd in the UK and September 23rd in the US, but you can pre-order it here. Album art and tracklist below.

1. Suns
2. Pulsars e Quasars
3. Chromatiques II (Extended Mix)
4. UHF1
5. On Returning
6. The Violet Hour (Film Dub)
7. New Persuasion (Version by La Révélateur)

Arp Announces Pulsars e Quasars EP; Stream the Title Track