My First Time: K Camp

In our column My First Time, we ask some of our favorite artists to share some of the all-important firsts that have helped shape their lives. Today, Atlanta club staple K Camp speaks on his first brushes with local stardom, and cutting hair before cutting bitches off.

The first birthday I can remember: I remember all of my birthdays. The first one I ever had when I was born. 4/27 that’s my birth date, I came out the womb. I came out screaming “Turn Up.”

My first favorite rapper: I’d probably say Tupac, cause that’s who I came up on when I was young. I just seen Tupac’s movement, he was just one of the coolest niggas doing it to me. He just didn’t give a fuck.

My first time on the radio: I think it had to be with a record called “Battlegrounds” in 2007 that was before my first hit “All Night.” It was “Battlegrounds” on 107.9FM. I think that was the first time.

My first summer job: It was at a barbershop, I used to sweep hair and shit. I was just doing this for extra money during the summer.

My first time lost distance traveling: When I had the record “All Night.” I was just booked throughout the southern region. It wasn't too far, but that was my first time really traveling.

My first time being recognized on the street: My face was known in my city. On the east side, west side that was when I first recognized. It was in random ass spot I don’t really remember exactly, but it was during that “All Night” time.

My First Time: K Camp