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Let Spooky Black's Sincere "Pull" Balm Your Sleepless Nights

Last night I gave up on sleeping around 2am, resigning myself instead to a night spent lying on my back, my insomnia soundtracked by Spooky Black’s new EP and the summer thunderstorm raging against my bedroom window. Yesterday, we called Leaving “ghostly and lovelorn,” which perhaps doesn’t do its staggering sincerity full justice. I found myself hitting repeat on “Pull,” a simple, watery ballad about not being able to function after a breakup. The lyrics are simple couplets, the rhyme scheme as straightforward as they come, but there’s a deeper pull, something beckoning the listener below the surface. Gone just as you came through the broken air/ now I start to question where you even there/ to run my fingers through your fucking hair/ girl I see your face everywhere, Spook literally moans. The Kid Hnrk--produced track pulled me through my long ass night, and when I find myself staring down the black hole of another sleepless eve, it’s where I’ll turn again.

Let Spooky Black's Sincere "Pull" Balm Your Sleepless Nights