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Download this gliding mix of syrupy, bobbing beats from the Soulection-linked producer.

October 14, 2014

San Diego-based, Soulection-linked producer AbJo specializes in lush, spacey beats, often with a strong Brazilian inflection. The FADER Mix he’s turned in for us is absolutely in that zone, and it doesn’t disappoint: syrupy, bobbing beats smoothly glide into one another at the perfect pace—a combination of elated and relaxed—with some names very familiar around these parts, like Tinashe and Kaytranada, making welcome appearances as well. Stream the mix below, grab his Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me) EP that's out today on Soulection, and read our Q&A below, where AbJo dishes on his love of Brazil and his interest in the occult.

Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings. I'm on my living room couch, a big sectional with zebra-like stripes and strokes in the upholstery, lots of paintings and portraits, and a big screen TV I watch Adult Swim and DVR'd movies on from time to time. Everything's calm, weather's perfect, just another day in San Diego, haha…

What vibe were you going for on your mix and what's on it? I wasn't really sure what I was going for, it was a stream-of-consciousness kinda thing I did with the mix. Whatever I was feelin' when I was mixing was what I played there, but I definitely wanted to feature some of my personal favorite tracks of mine. I was trying show off my blending skills, too, though, so it wasn't all improvised, lol. Had to play the title track to my new EP Vibração Comigo, I knew everyone would dig the Madvillain/Madlib nod there, and the starter, "However You Want", is my actually favorite track to end all my sets with now…

What does Soulection mean to you and how did you get involved? Soulection is family to me. Likeminded folks moving in the same direction, all over the world. Since I met Andre Power in San Diego when we were classmates in art school, and he introduced me to Joe Kay at an event he still hosts to this day, it's always felt like I was vibin' with long lost brothers or something. The whole Soulection camp feels like that, I believe, ask any one of us…

Why is Brazil such a big influence for you? You know what? I can't exactly put my finger on why. Maybe listening to a lot of Brazilian jazz and world music when I was growing up, maybe my fascination with Brazilian/South American women (hahaha), maybe City of God, one of my favorite films of all time, who knows. Either way, I just feel drawn to the country, to the music, the people. I feel like I would fit in like I've lived there all my life…

What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you? Carlos Casteñeda's The Art Of Dreaming, which has inspired a lot of my work and my own personal philosophy on life. True or not, everything about his books resonates with me immensely. I'm into the occult, lucid dreaming, other worlds and dimensions, death, rebirth, energy and all of that, and this book specifically struck a chord with me on all of those subjects pretty much.

What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it? Chicken pesto pasta. Almost better than pizza, especially pesto pizza. And I do a pretty good job of making it, if I do say so my damn self, haha. A couple good slabs of boneless chicken breast, basil, olive oil, cashews (any kind of nut'll do), grated parmesan cheese and salt for the pesto, and some well pressed penne pasta makes the illest bowl of pasta you've ever tasted. But I won't tell you how I prepare it, chef's secret, lol...


AbJo - However You Want
AbJo - Hyperdrive
AbJo - Chimaera
Mr. Carmack - lonelyfuckingsamurai
Iman Omari - Addicted [Flip]
Fractions - Cold
AbJo - SomeYouGet (SuperLowKeyBustaRhymesRemix)
AbJo - Reprisal (Single Version)
Tinashe - Vulnerable (Sango Remix)
GoldLink - Bedtime Story [Prod. Louie Lastic]
Jill Scott - It's Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Vanilla - Into My Eyes
Mndsgn - Phyllis (What You Won't Do Edit)
Sage The Gemini - Gas Pedal (PATCHWORK EDIT)
Alina Baraz - Drift (AbJo Refix)
AbJo - Saudade
Disclosure - Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett
AbJo - Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)
Mibbs - FREEBASS (AbJo Remix)
AbJo - Departure
AbJo - Three
AGO - What Dreams Are Made Of (ft. Waldo, Joose, The SEVENth & Lena Chanel) [prod. AbJo]
Kaytranada - At All (Sango Remix)
Sam Gelliatry - powder
Erykah Badu - On & On (LAKIM Rework)

Posted: October 14, 2014