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Hear Two New Chief Keef Songs

The prolific rapper drops “Runnin” and “Ride On Me.”

June 11, 2015

Two more Chief Keef tracks surfaced last night: “Runnin,” produced by Almighty DP (DP and Keef already turned in a collaborative full-length earlier this year), and “Ride On Me,” put together by Dolan Beats. The first, which also features Andy Milonakis, is full of autotune warbling. “Ride On Me” moves in a different direction. It has a suspenseful, thrilling opening, as Dolan chops and teases the beat before letting it settle into a pattern. Keef delivers his verse in a low monotone, stripping almost all emotion from his vocal.

Listen below, and read FADER's definitive history of Keef as a producer.

Hear Two New Chief Keef Songs