The 23 Best Pieces Of #FADER100 Fan Art

All our favorite Drake and Rihanna interpretations in one place.

October 22, 2015

We were very psyched to share our Rihanna and Drake covers from the 100th issue of The FADER, and we got really stoked when we saw our readers' fan art all over social media. Here are all of our favorite fan interpretations of RiRi and The Boy. Keep 'em coming, guys!

2. Reza Ali Akbar's super cool digital painting of RiRi.

#digitalart #digitalpainting #illustration #rihanna #drawing #artwork #draw #sketch 🎨

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3. This dope Drake thing that looks like it was made with lots of little beads but who knows!

#fader100 #fader100magazinecover #fanart #drake #ovo #ovosound

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4. This fiery Rihanna portrait by @salva_fio (who calls himself "Rihanna's Bitch").

@badgalriri x @thefader #SALVA_FIOart ✏

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5. Dima Denisov's tight interpretation all the way from Russia.
6. This adorable Mini RiRi from a fan account comprised solely of minature RiRis.
7. An amazingly detailed sketch of this Rihanna portrait.
10. Manuella Petite popped a crown on Queen Rih.

Queen Rihanna 👑 . @badgalriri #art #drawing #illustration #blackandwhite #rihanna #rihannanavy #badgalart

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11. Which inspired Atila Britto from Brazil to make this magical mashup.
12. Jenny, a graphic designer, turned Drake into a cartoon.

"Now & Forever" #Drake #Art #AimForTheHeART 💻🎨 @champagnepapi

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13. The "Uncool Kids" also gave Drizzy a similar treatment.
14. We're into whatever is going on here with the brooms.

Hair on fleek @badgalriri #thefader 😂😂

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15. This creepy but cool Second Life-type Rih-creation is doing it for us too.


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16. Iryna's a #badgal for this acrylic painting.

@badgalriri #Rihanna #acrylic #FADER100 #badgalart

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17. EatGoodNYC made us these incredible (and delicious) cupcakes.

Drizzy Drake Cupcake @thefader style | @champagnepapi

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18. Navy member Amir's digital portrait is really tight.

#TheFADER digital drawing done by me! Hope yall enjoy...

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19. And she's working on this IRL painting, too (girl is talented!).

don't forget about this one! #wip #FADERxANTI

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21. Pricella made this Rihanna fashion sketch the other day. Thank you Pricella!
23. And last but not least, this sweet RiRi line drawing is awesome <3.

#badgalart #fader100 cc: @terribletonyxx

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The 23 Best Pieces Of #FADER100 Fan Art