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Sweden’s Spice Boys Say “Fuk Luv”

A jangly banger from Umeå’s coolest new garage punks

April 18, 2016
Sweden’s Spice Boys Say “Fuk Luv”

Umeå, Sweden is home to four punks who decided to start a band called Spice Boys, because, well, duh. Their debut EP, which they're titling Spice City (another duh) will be out April 22 on Sweden's PNKSLM Records. The EP was reportedly recorded during one drunken night, which explains a lot—the whole thing is nonstop fun. Premiering today is their garage punk anthem, "Fuk Luv," a jangle-heavy quickie that incites repeat plays and extreme head nodding.


"This song is quite self-explanatory really," the Spice Boys told The FADER in an email. "It’s about being sad, drunk, lonely, and heartbroken in your old childhood bedroom cursing everything while suffering from stress-induced stomach issues. It’s definitely the most pathetic and cliché song we've ever written but love conquers all so fuck off."

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Sweden’s Spice Boys Say “Fuk Luv”