Tupac’s Handwritten Lyrics For “Dear Mama” Are For Sale

The original pages will set you back $75,000.

March 20, 2017

Celebrity memorabilia website MomentsInTime.com is selling the three original lyric sheets Tupac Shakur used to write "Dear Mama," TMZ has reported. The pages will sell for $75,000, but you can read them in full here.


The written lyrics are the same as the 1995 song, with the exception of a few notes: an annotation that suggests Ice Cube may have been considered for a guest verse, and a pair of notes referencing rumors surrounding Tupac's time in jail. According to TMZ, the pages were acquired from a private collector in Poland.

MomentsInTime frequently acquires and sells items from Tupac's career. Last year, the site listed a love letter from Tupac for the price of $35,000. The BMW Tupac was shot and killed in on September 13, 1996 was also put up for sale for $1.5 million.

Tupac’s Handwritten Lyrics For “Dear Mama” Are For Sale