Watch Tricot’s Completely Hypnotizing “Melon Soda” Video

The song is from 3, the great Japanese rock trio’s new full-length.

May 10, 2017

Tricot are a trio from Kyoto, Japan. They make noodly, Japanese-language rock songs with generally unpredictable arrangements. Their style borrows from second-wave emo and math rock, but the result feels different. It feels like their own thing.


Today The FADER is debuting a video for "Melon Soda," an earnest, energetic track from their about-to-drop new full-length, 3. The clip unfolds in reverse, but lead vocalist Ikkyu Nakajimaand's singing is still perfectly synced. It's pretty, and also kind of a mindfuck.

"The song is about a farewell with a person," the band told The FADER in an email. "Even if you go backwards, time does not unwind so you can only move forward. It has popped and disappeared like sweet melon soda."

3 comes out May 17 on Topshelf Records.
Watch Tricot’s Completely Hypnotizing “Melon Soda” Video