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Buddy Floats In His Quest For Solace In The “Find Me” Video

The heartfelt Compton singer takes flight with his feelings.

May 19, 2017

Buddy wakes up floating in a spacey quandary in the video for his Kaytranada-produced single, "Find Me." As he takes a ride through the clouds, the singer grasps for a hold on his sense of self. He contorts through car windows, finding ways to get closer to the light. The video is a beautifully rendered portrait about loss and self-discovery


In an email to The FADER, Buddy explained the origins of the name and purpose of his new EP. "Ocean & Montana are the cross streets of the apartment complex I was living in once I moved out of my parents house," he said. "The energy in Santa Monica is not what I'm used to, growing up in Compton. Met Kaytranada soon after, told him his beats was tight, he told me my raps was tight, we made the EP. The rest is history."

Buddy's Kaytranada-produced Ocean & Montana EP is out today.

Buddy Floats In His Quest For Solace In The “Find Me” Video