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Watch Jorja Smith talk about working with Stormzy on her upcoming single “Let Me Down”

The singer stopped by Beats 1 to discuss the track with Julie Adenuga.

January 08, 2018

Jorja Smith recently stopped by Beats 1 to announce her upcoming single and discuss the process of recording the track with Julie Adenuga. "Let Me Down" features Stormzy and will premiere on Beats 1 later this week.


"The version that you’ve got now that’s the demo version because I hate re-recording, once you’ve recorded something and you’ve been in the moment and that’s how you feel you can’t recreate that," Smith told Julie Adenuga. "But that was like a couple takes, sometimes it takes me longer but it depends, but I like live sounding things. I like a performance, a live performance so I like little mistakes, because that’s what makes perfect, the mistakes.”

She also explained what it was like to record with Stormzy: "Stormzy like floated into the room, like came on the track - it’s magic. He hit me up after "Blue Lights" and then, that was 2016, and then I was in the studio with Ed and he came through to the session, but I had already wrote the beginning of it and then we just left verse 2. Stormzy was so late, so late. But it was cool because his verse made up for it and he is sick, it just made sense and it worked.”

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Jorja Smith is this week’s U.K. Represent on Julie Adenuga’s Beats 1 show. Listen all this week to hear the rest of the interview via starting from 9 a.m EST/2 p.m. GMT, January 9.

Thumbnail image: Francesca Allen and Carlota Guerrero for The FADER.

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Watch Jorja Smith talk about working with Stormzy on her upcoming single “Let Me Down”