Code Orange’s punishing “only1(the hard way)” remix will keep you guessing

Shade, guitarist for the Grammy-nominated hardcore act, offers an intense new vision of the song.

February 22, 2018

The FADER named Code Orange one of the bands to watch in 2017 because of the Pittsburgh hardcore group's roaming, bloodshot sound and uncompromising ideology. After an excellent sophomore album, 2017's Forever, which received a Grammy nomination for its title track, the band shared "Only One Way," a new single released with Adult Swim in February.


Today The FADER is premiering a remix of the song from Shade, Code Orange's guitarist. The newly titled “only1(the hard way)” is now an abstract industrial track freshly catalyzed by terrifying confrontation: "Don't wanna know who you really are / Don't wanna know what you want, what you're begging for," the lyrics go, sounding like systemic corruption in the best way possible.

Shade told The FADER over email how his remix is a natural extension of what makes Code Orange work as a band. "Keeping a unique creative energy in every aspect of Code Orange is something we are always thinking about and it's what drives me personally. This song was a great opportunity for me to portray my alternate vision of the song and for us to bridge the gap with other genres and artists we are influenced by. We are constantly evolving and we're going to keep pushing the boundaries of our band."

Code Orange’s punishing “only1(the hard way)” remix will keep you guessing