Lil Narnia killed it on “Things in Pain”

Big emo-rap from L.A.

April 17, 2018

Lil Narnia (lol) shared his seven-track Things in Pain EP recently, which I highly recommend — starting with the title track. Producers 4evr and nversad flip eight seconds of guitar arpeggio into an big-room emo-rap classic, with a key featured verse from Lil Thuey ("Sooner or later sounds so bleak, why can't we go back to when we were 18"). If you're clicking through anime art on SoundCloud I don't know what else you could hope for.


Narnia's EP is a constellation of key sounds — he's just as fun with the very interesting YungJZAisDead over drum & bass, and in fact they've joined up before on straight-up nightcore. I recognized UGLYFRANK but I'll admit to be less familiar with the lineup on this EP than I wish I was — but that makes me excited, like back in the Kuchibiru Network days, all rabbit holes waiting to envelop you.

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Lil Narnia killed it on “Things in Pain”