Softcore Untd. are RIYL anything

This Norwegian group is insanely good… o_0

June 07, 2018
Softcore Untd. are RIYL anything Isak Andersen

Say hello to my Platonic ideal of music: Softcore Untd., a Norwegian four-piece making some a hybrid of deep house, jazz, Air France, Scandi rap, I don't even know. This is their second single for Cascine since the always-on-point label founder Jeff Bratton saw them perform in Bergen last fall and, like me, was "blown through the effing wall."


"Mye mere" comes out tomorrow and is sneak-peeking here today. The guys rap in Norwegian, but they say the song is about hopeless long-distance relationships. It's also their bleakest-sounding yet — check out my other favorite, "Sjansespill," below, which is way poppier even though somebody bloody-screams in the background.

Softcore Untd. are RIYL anything