Maliibu Miitch Is the New Leader of The Bronx

“Get your own. Have your own.”

March 21, 2019

It may be the birthplace of hip-hop, but the Bronx has become one of the more undervalued boroughs of New York City. Its denizens have always proudly thrown up the "X" with their arms to show their pride at any and all shows. And the next fresh face to claim the streets of the BX is Maliibu Miitch.


Starting out simply rapping for her mom, Maliibu Miitch noticed that others were paying attention to her natural lyrical abilities. In this new FADER mini-doc, in partnership with WAV Media, she offers a glimpse into the inner-thoughts of her mind like actively making sure her nephews have a better upbringing than her childhood, as well as her daily life of staying fly which includes a trip to the nail salon.

In a short conversation with her makeup artist and manager, she refer to makeup as her warpaint. And that description is spot on as Miitch explains how she's battled rejection left and right to get to where she is now: a prime spot to claim all five boroughs and beyond.

Watch the full video above.

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Maliibu Miitch Is the New Leader of The Bronx