Bakersteez takes a late-night stroll through Kingston in his “YMD” video

Yaadman Drip.

May 16, 2019

Thumbnail photo: Kadeem Montgomery


The last song that Jamaican rapper Bakersteez dropped came with September's "Beast" freestyle. It's less than two minutes long but, within that span of time, Steez masterfully weaves through menacing growls, creepy keys, and thunderous bass. With a smooth demeanor, he bounces in and out of patois, talking about how life is much easier to manage with weed and alchohol's help. "Beast" was the best example of what Bakersteez had been developing over the past few years, attempting to blur the lines between trap and dancehall (his joint Nuh Badda EP with dancehall artist Quada is a great showing of that effort).

Today, The FADER is premiering Steez's followup, which is titled "YMD" (short for Yaadman Drip). Like "Beast," the song showcases his laid back confidence and, in the video, Steez bounces around various locales in nighttime Kingston, flexing his skills. "The beat was just dark and had evil bells in it so i wanted the video to match that vibe," he said of the video in an email. "I got some ideas while watching Nirvana's 'Come As You Are' music video — just liked the whole vibe of that shit." Steez said the single isn't tied to a new project, but he is currently working on one that will be solely procuded by Kingston's KINGBNJMN. Watch the "YMD" video above.

Bakersteez takes a late-night stroll through Kingston in his “YMD” video