Slowthai and Skepta face the inquisition in the “Inglorious” video

From Slowthai’s upcoming album Nothing Great About Britain, out May 17.

May 16, 2019

English rapper Slowthai's debut album Nothing Great About Britain comes at a time of intense unrest for the United Kingdom — the debate over Brexit threatens to tear the country apart, austerity continues to hammer underserved communities, and plus there's the fallout from football legend Eric Cantona's erotic egg Instagram (do not Google that). From his acidic flow to livewire stage presence, everything about Slowthai screams anti-establishment, and that message is very clear in his music video for "Inglorious."


The stylish clip has Slowthai suffering various tortures ordered by elderly officials, including the Ludovico Technique from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Featured artist Skepta shows up just in the nick of time, though, armed with a baseball bat and a few dozen red-cloaked soldiers. Watch above. Nothing Great About Britain drops tomorrow, May 17.

Slowthai and Skepta face the inquisition in the “Inglorious” video