BlocBoy JB’s “Mercedes” will make fans dance on Triller and beyond

“My lil bitch she’s bad and she drives a Mercedes,”

May 28, 2019


BlocBoy JB finally has a new song for fans to dance to this summer. FADER is premiering the music video for "Mercedes," a song which BlocBoy first teased in January. In the video, the "Shoot" rapper and his friends dance in front of a green screen and, yes, a Mercedes-Benz. The full track is only two minutes, but it's catchy enough that fans will likely have it on a loop.

"How you got the bag when your Rollie's outdated? My lil bitch she's bad and she drives a Mercedes," BlocBoy JB raps during the song's hook.

"I was actually in the studio and recently broke my Rolex," the Memphis rapper said via email about the new song. "I also had my lil' chick in the studio and I recently copped a Mercedes too. I basically rap bout what's goin on In my life or what's on my mind. That's how this song was born."

In a Triller clip posted earlier this year, BlocBoy JB sports an orange Sean John hoodie, smoking and showing off a stack of money alongside his friends. "I didn't know the Triller would ring off the way it did," he said. "It was my first Triller video and I was just trying to save it for my upcoming project -- which drops this summer."

"Mercedes" is BlocBoy JB's first release since his 2018 EP Don't Think That.

BlocBoy JB’s “Mercedes” will make fans dance on Triller and beyond