Jerkcurb shares debut album details and surreal 3D “Timelapse Tulip” video

Air Con Eden is out in September.

June 18, 2019

Jerkcurb, the south London artist with his own unique visual identity, has announced details of his long-awaited debut album. Air Con Eden is out on September 13 and is preceded by new single "Timelapse Tulip." A 3D video for the song, combining the mundane with something out of this world, is premiering above.


Inspired by Edward Hopper paintings and the song's undeniable Americana sound, the "Timelapse Tulip" video is part kitchen sink drama, part intergalactic epic. The song's sedate pace is offset by a surreal trip inside the artist's home life and otherworldly psyche.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Jerkcurb said: “My only pretence was I wanted it to be set in one apartment, someone’s life shown over a period of time, told through snapshots, small details. Bert [director Gilbert Bannerman] took this idea to somewhere I never would have anticipated. It was completely new territory for everyone - which made it so exciting.”

Jerkcurb tours the U.K. in October and will play:

Rough Trade, Bristol October 11
YES, Manchester October 13
Headrow House, Leeds October 14
Hug and Pint, Glasgow October 15
Chats Palace, London October 17

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Jerkcurb shares debut album details and surreal 3D “Timelapse Tulip” video