Joy Crookes gives us a sign in her “Hurts” video

Watch a spooky, Frank Ocean-inspired visual from the U.K. artist.

June 25, 2019

British singer-songwriter Joy Crookes starts her "Hurts" video with a séance and ends it by dancing with friends, instantly making it different to any horror movie you have ever seen. The fun-filled visuals accompany a song that deals with the end of a toxic friendship and include shots of 20-year-old Joy saging a room and wielding a baseball bat. "Hurts" is taken from her latest EP Perception, released last month.


Speaking to The FADER via email, Joy said: "The video is inspired by the Frank Ocean song 'Nights' and the specific lyric in it "Did you call me from a seance? You are from a past life."

"I lost touch with an old friend last year who I knew I was better off without. The breakdown of this friendship is the story behind the track. I took the chance with this video to show a different side of my personality, I had the room to be cheekier, more angry and dance in front of a camera - which is all very new to me. I linked up with some of my favourite directors, The Rest, who took all these threads and pulled the vision together."

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Joy Crookes gives us a sign in her “Hurts” video