Oscar Lang’s “Hey” video will leave you spinning

The London teen collaborates with Alfie Templeman on the highlight from his Bops Etc. project.

July 03, 2019

Oscar Lang's lo-fi pop tunes will worm their way into your brain and take up residence for the forseeable future. Take "Hey," for example, a breezy song about self-acceptance, mental health, and pushing past the desire for social media clout. It sounds like heavy stuff but in Lang's hands it becomes a jangly tune to kick back to, an anthem for those who are tired of being anxious all the time.


The song, which also features fellow teen songwriter Alfie Templeman, now has a video. Premiering above via The FADER, they "Hey" visual is Lang's first since signing to The 1975's Dirty Hit label and, indeed, his first ever video.

Here's Lang on the video treatment: "We shot the music video in this huge green screen room which was super fun but it also meant we had nothing to interact with so we wanted to just capture us fucking about and playing like we usually do, cause the song is about being happy and just not giving a fuck. Therefore no fucks were given. Although it was definitely a struggle with all the lights and cameras, being squeezed into a boiler suit slowly being sous vide’d. Also, I wanted to make something that I could watch when a bit frazzled and have a classic ‘woaaaahhhh’ stoner moment and having the camera do a 360 so it looked like I’m constantly walking definitely adds to the stone factor haha.”

Check out the "Hey" video above. Oscar Lang's Bops Etc. EP is out now.

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Oscar Lang’s “Hey” video will leave you spinning