Drake’s More Life Growth Co. is... a weed company

The rapper teased his latest venture by sending flowers to people across Toronto.

November 07, 2019
Drake’s More Life Growth Co. is... a weed company Gregory Shamus/Getty

Drake is never one to miss out on a rising trend, so it should come as no surprise that his latest venture is a company selling legal, recreational cannabis. Canada passed a law legalizing weed in 2018, and now Drake has teamed up with Toronto’s Canopy Growth Corporation to launch More Life Growth Co.


A press release states that More Life will be “centered around wellness, discovery, and overall personal growth with the hope of facilitating connections and shared experiences across the globe.” Drake added to this by saying: “The idea of being able to build something special in an industry that is ever growing has been inspiring. More Life and More Blessing.”

Drake first teased More Life earlier this week when he handed out bouquets of flowers to people in Toronto. The company shares its name with the 2017 project that featured the hits "Passionfruit" and "KMT."

More Life is part of Drake's ever-growing portfolio of business interests. In addition to legalized weed, he is also invested in the TV and movie industry, having co-produced Top Boy and Euphoria this year alongside manager Future The Prince.

Drake’s More Life Growth Co. is... a weed company