Jerskin Fendrix’s “Black Hair” video is a beautiful CGI nightmare

Watch the haunting visual from the rising London-based producer.

November 27, 2019

Jerskin Fendrix, a classically trained south Londoner, wakes up in the morning "Feeling like Constance Wu." Delivered in a deadpan take on Kesha's "Tik Tok," it's not made clear quite his similarities of the Crazy Rich Asians and Hustlers star. An ominous and minimal bass line suggests you don't ask questions and, instead, let "Black Hair" do the talking.


As opening statements go, Jerskin Fendrix is making big moves. He's previously toured with London bands Black Midi and Black Country, New Road and adds that burgeoning scene's self-knowing confidence to abrasive, Arca-esque electronic music. The "Black Hair" video, premiering above, juxtaposes natural imagery with computer generated technology to capture a lone figure haunted by something truly unknowable.

Speaking to The FADER, Fendrix said: "I wrote 'Black Hair' just after finishing UBU at the V&A, and I had this slow and long and dark pacing very deep in my muscle memory. Hair is such a good idea for a ghost, the song is playing with that idea. I really wanted a way of playing with ghosts in a song and being eaten by hair worked well. By the end the hair eats the song too. The hair is also kind of a symbol of regret."

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Jerskin Fendrix’s “Black Hair” video is a beautiful CGI nightmare