AWA demands the best in her “Like I Do” video

Watch the Swedish pop star’s regal new visual.

December 02, 2019

Swedish pop star AWA asserts her worth over a dirty bass line on her confident new single, "Like I Do." The song is a reminder to hold yourself in the highest esteem and not lower standards for anyone. It also showcases the former X Factor Sweden winner's cool vocals and effortless style. The video, premiering above, catches AWA strutting through an incredible stately home, filled with priceless artwork and an elaborate maze.


Speaking to The FADER via email, AWA said: "I’m so happy with how this video turned out, It really brought my vision of self-love and confidence together in a way where we celebrate strength and growth amongst young women. The song is about progressing towards becoming the best version of yourself, being OK with not being OK yet still finding the strength to pick yourself up. My music is a timeline of my life in all of its stages and I’m proud to see myself blossom through every song I make. ‘Like I Do’ is simply about loving yourself first and demanding that love back."

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AWA demands the best in her “Like I Do” video