TAPZ walks into the flame in his “Luv Is Lethal” video

Love can be a dangerous game.

December 10, 2019

The Zimbabwean artist TAPZ, who now lives in the States, is truly going through it in his new video. Even though he knows how falling for a self-destructive girl is going to end each time, he signs up one more time (“I got an angel on my shoulder, saying I should run. I got a devil on the other, saying she the one"). The pop production has a dark, electric tint to it as TAPZ sings and raps about his struggle to stay away.


In an email, he explained, "When I grew up in Zimbabwe, [...] curiosity haunted me in a different way, I was designing and building things with wires, jumping off roofs and out of moving cars, playing with snakes, triggering my babysitters - one once put a crack in a skull, you name it. I guess what I am trying to say is, I know a thing or two about Lethal. When I was writing the concept I wanted to capture that curiosity, and what's more curious than the concept of luv. Even though I knew the result of each loop, that curiosity is what killed me in the end."

"Luv Is Lethal" was directed by Galin Foley. The song comes off of TAPZ's latest project, Trust No Stars in the Daylight. He plans on releasing two other projects, an EP and his debut album, in 2020.

Photo: Miller Best

TAPZ walks into the flame in his “Luv Is Lethal” video