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Alison Awoyera

Thrintage: Cure Thrift Shop

Cure Thrift Shop bags loads of good samaritan kudos, as funds raised contribute towards The Diabetes Research Institute. They also happily woo with clothes, a cheerful colored jumpsuit and a sparkly maxi number hung right … read more »

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TOPMAN’s Three-Pronged Look Book

TOPMAN‘s newest collection is, as they’ve been known to do, divided into three distinct styles for easy perusal: Los Feliz, Old Ville, and The Field Daze. In plainer English? One part California tie-dye knits, a … read more »

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On The Street: 23rd Street

It’s quite a treat spotting a gentleman in tartan amongst a sea of black, gray and khaki overcoats, and even more surprising when a jolly, easy “No worries, sweetheart!” comes from the mouth of the … read more »

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The Compass Tradeshow NYC: A Pick of the Best

With NY Fashion Week kicking off next Wednesday, it was only right for us to put our best foot forward and head down to The Compass Tradeshow. Compass showcases the latest in fancy footwear for … read more »

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Itemized: Motel Rocks Bodice

Every week a different FADER staff member will pick a clothing item or accessory that he or she has lately been spending a lot of time with—or would like to—and write a little love letter … read more »

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On the Street

While rummaging through the clothing racks at The Salvation Army thrift store, our best find of the day was this lady. It’s not the fur jacket, wooly-and-tapered harem pants or paint splattered boots that stand … read more »

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On The Street: Capsule Edition

We saw this dude working a booth of menswear at this year’s Capsule Tradeshow, a long-haired gentlemen in stripes who looked just as good as any of the clothes on the racks.

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On the Street

On the Street – Soho, London

So it’s January, way past the charity fundraising month of ’Movember’ yet this bearded chap in London has brought the look well into the new year. Though the mustache has the potential to make him … read more »

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Brooklyn Circus Juggles Inspirations For Their Spring Look Book

Rarely is a boutique named quite so accurately asBrooklyn Circus. Hailing straight out of, yep you guessed it, Brooklyn, this eclectic store is the brainchild of Ouigi Theodore, aka ‘The Bearded Man’. With its spring … read more »

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On the Street: Astor Place

Abbas, originally from Iraq, probably didn’t think his weird and wonderfully loud jacket would end up on a street style blog, but we loved how much it reminded us of the Naf Naf gear our … read more »

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