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Blur Might Add U.S. Tour Dates, To Release Double CD In June

The hype surrounding Blur’s reunion shows has been rising since it was first announced, and now they are looking to add U.S. and European tours to their plans, which was originally only slated for U.K. dates. read more »

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Suckers – "Easy Chair"

They released their latest EP last month, and we have been on a Suckers-love streak since our interview with them a few weeks ago, so we figured, why not stream their latest video for their new single “Easy Chair” for you, so you can join us in our praise-fest for the latest I Am Sound Records’ band. read more »

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Boy George Released From Jail For Good Behavior

As we told you back in December, Boy George was sent to jail after being convicted for beating and imprisoning a Norwegian male escort. The Culture Club frontman was supposed to serve 18-months in jail, but the Karma police have awarded him with release after only serving four months. read more »

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Exclusive Download – Wolf & Cub "Seven Sevens" (BFAM Remix)

There is no doubt that Austalia’s Wolf & Cub will make you want to dance, with their forthcoming Dot Dash release coming this summer. Remixed by BFAM, the lead single “Seven Sevens” gets even more glossy. read more »

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Modest Mouse Releases New 7-Inch; Better Late Than Never

Modest Mouse had planned on shelling out a new 7″ single with two new songs for Record Store Day this past April, but it never happened. The anticipated 7″ is now ready for release, however, and will finally be come out on May 26. read more »


U.K. Government Proposes £26 Million Stimulus For The Music Industry

In yet another case of “Why the hell not in America?”, the U.K. government has started up a new initiative that would give the music industry 26 million pounds to help create new jobs during the recession. read more »


Cause Co-Motion! – "You Lose"

Bringing back their lo-fi, garage-pop appeal, Cause Co-Motion! is preparing to release a six-track record this week, as a follow up to the 2008 compilation release, It’s Time! As a preview of what you will hear from the band off of the new release, we are streaming the band’s single, “You Lose”. read more »


Guitar Hero: Van Halen Announced

Metallica and The Beatles have both been turned into video game heroes; and now it’s Van Halen’s turn to jump on the Guitar Hero wagon. read more »

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Wilco Reveals Artwork For Wilco (The Album)

When we caught wind of the title of Wilco’s new album, Wilco (The Album), we accepted their seemingly mundane decision and hoped that the new album would be the staple of all Wilco records — because come on, if it is going to take you seven albums to finally make one self-titled, it better be a zinger. Well, we might have to rethink our thoughts on this one, because we caught a glance at the band’s new album art. read more »

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Coldplay To Stevens And Satriani: We Didn't Copy You!

Coldplay has said enough is enough with all the copy-catting banter that has been circulating around their song “Viva La Vida”. As we previously reported, both Cat Stevens and Joe Satriani have accused the pop-rock musicians of ripping off their music. The band has adamantly denied the accusations and now Will Champion, the band’s drummer, has a message for them both: “there are only eight notes in an octave and no one owns them.” read more »

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